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Our Terms & Conditions

1. Car washing shall be conducted during convenient hours of the customer or schedule agreed by the customer.

2. We maintain hygienically clean materials such as cleaning liquids, soft and medium-soft cloth towels which will not harm the car body or the outer surface of the car which enhances the shiny look of the car.

3. The cars will be washed only if they are parked at the designated parking spaces as mentioned above.

4. Baba Car Washing & Cleaning (BCWC) shall not be responsible for any items missing from cars when left unlocked.

5. BCWC shall not be responsible for any damages (or) failures caused by vandalism and acts of nature.

6. The service will commence upon the agreed date.

7. The contract can be terminated by the party after giving 30 days of verbal/ written notice.

8. A typical car wash consists of the following:
            a. Car body and windows will be free of any removable stains, spots, fingerprints, dust, bird residue, etc.
           b. Tires to be free from dirt, dust, and grease including alloy wheels.

Keeping the car surrounding area tidy and free from cleaning residues,
excess water and other waste/dirt.