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Car Wash & Cleaning

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Our service network is spread across one of most of the prestigious residential buildings and complexes and townships around Dubai. We charge as per our agreed terms and conditions for manual car cleaning services in a professionally trained cleaning staff at the convenience of customer's homes and office parking areas. We offer special package rates for our monthly, Weekly contracts in residential buildings and establishments as per mutually agreed terms.

We Offer

Types Of Cleaning

Dust Removal

Body Wash

Glass Cleaning

Wheels Cleaning

Tire Polishing

Method of Statement

1. The water-based product is sprayed onto the surface, allowing the soaps and special lubricants to liquefy and dissolve dirt on contact.

2. Microfiber towels are then used to clean the surface and soak up the liquefied dirt. The second clean microfiber towel is for buffing giving the car a good wax-like shine. The use of a second microfiber towel ensures there are no wax smearing on windows and no white residue on rubber trim.

3. For each car, we use up to four microfiber cloths to wipe off the solution from the body, mirrors, and tires of the car.

How We Do?

We can wash, polish, and protect an average-sized family car in less than 20 minutes using our water-less car wash formula.
How do We do?
Unlike traditional car washing methods using a hose or a bucket often damage and scratch the paintwork of your vehicle due to the high salt content of water in the Middle East. This causes rapid oxidation of your vehicle's paintwork. Our car wash does not require water, as we use a special wash and polish technique. Our process uses an exclusive polymer compound that lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a polymer lubricant. We then remove the dirt with a high-quality microfiber cloth and we do this without causing a single scratch on your car. We usually apply a Silicone Free Environ Tire Dresser, which totally revitalizes the luster and the appearance of the tire and seals against traffic film, moisture, and dust.

Booking Process

How To Book

The service provider will provide interested customers with a booking form.

Customers wishing to take up a washing plan will duly complete the form and pay the sum as agreed upon.

The service provider shall issue official receipt to the customer for the cash collected against services rendered and a copy of such receipt shall immediately be communicated to the Owner for its records.

Car Washing  Process

How It Is Done

By the following process we are done our services

Make sure vehicle is in a shaded area.

Have two clean, microfiber towels.

Shake bottle of Auto Wash. 

Spray Auto Wash onto one, folded microfiber towel until moist.

Spray on a designated surface area of the vehicle.

Softly wipe the area with moist, folded microfiber towel.

Immediately wipe off light haze with the second dry, microfiber towel.

Repeat steps 1-7 until vehicle and rims are cleaned, polished & protected.









1. Presta - Sudzz Car Wash - CAR WASH SHAMPOO

2. APPEAL super concentrated dressing - TYRE POLISH

3. CHEMEX tire and dash polish - TIRE AND DASH BOARD POLISH

4. FAST WAX Car Wax


6. Janitor Service Trolleys- We were providing it to the cleaners


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